Too Many Dogs – Why?

Overpopulation of dogs happens for two main reasons when vet services are neither available nor affordable :

  1. Dogs are allowed to reproduce with little chance to find homes for their offsprings.
  1. Dogs are relinquished/abandoned by their owners who can or will no longer keep them.
Owned and roaming – doing well.

It is that simple to define the problem.

The solution is more complex and will vary with cultural background. The dogs themselves can’t solve the problem.

It’s about seeking a balance between physically limiting breeding through sterilization (surgical or not), sequestering females in heat, and tying/fencing dogs and social or attitudinal changes about our relationship with dogs who are now entirely unemployed.

When there is limited access to education for people and training for dogs, the problem magnifies quickly.

Free Roaming Dogs

This awesome dog looks in good body condition. Does he have an owner? Maybe. He will not let us approach as he is mildly fearful of our presence.

Feral, semi-feral, free-roaming, loosely owned, community owned… are terms used to describe a population of dogs that is largely unwanted. But it can be misleading.

For now, to describe the dogs we see in James Bay area, we simplify it to “supervised” and “not supervised” until we are more familiar with their population.

Is this beautiful dog owned or not? Photo credit – Dr. Catherine Filejski