President’s Message

Welcome from the President 

Welcome to the Foundation for Animal Wellness Initiatives (FAWI) website. We’re thrilled to launch the FAWI website. You may remember us as Dogs With No Names (DWNN). The work we’re doing is excitedly expanding in both size and scope. We know growth is good (except for unwanted litters of puppies,) because it brings opportunities to help more and different kinds of animals.


Our team is now assisting with humane animal population management projects of unwanted horses on Alberta public lands, a deer program in urban areas, and is helping street dogs and cats in the Caribbean. PetSmart Charities® of Canada provided a $206,000 grant to provide female dogs with a pregnant pause in seven remote communities in northern Ontario. This has the potential to prevent hundreds of thousands of births in the next three years, and provide health and safety benefits to dogs and human populations alike. We receive calls from rescue groups in Guatemala, Chile and Russia, the latter looking for help in advance of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Our concept is proven – target only female dogs initially. If you can take them out of heat, it increases the chances people will care for them because they no longer regularly attract upward of 10 males, aggressively circling a home, wanting to breed. In addition, they no longer repeatedly deliver litters of unwanted pups. Since remote areas and medical teams lead to high-cost spays, we only spay females three years of age or older that have demonstrated an ability to survive.

It’s a novel approach which is capturing the attention of those who can help make a difference. Thank you for your support – it is why we’ve come this far! Providing animals with a pregnant pause and bringing forth innovative thinking on humane, sustainable and effective animal population management methods hold so much potential; potential which is only matched by the work that needs to be done. But with a reward so great, the challenge that lies ahead is overshadowed and embraced. And with every single birth you and I prevent, we are ending suffering, transforming destinies and saving lives.


Judith Samson-French DVM

A Journey of Compassion, Purpose and Hope.

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