Blueprint to Raise the Bar – Alberta

Raising the bar

Over the last 3 decades, the Alberta landscape has increasingly been taken over by private interests. The “multi-use” reassurance has often degenerated to abuse as Fish & Wildlife has seen its conservation mandate decline to insignificance.

If the short-sighted often unmitigated multi-use of our crown land has become business as usual, it is time to become unreasonable and create a new vision.

Duane Starr Photography

I propose the following blueprint:

1. Rebuild our Fish & Wildlife agency and populate it with bright wildlife managers AND conservation biologists.

2. Move Fish & Wildlife Officers out of Solicitor General’s office where they are isolated and bring them back in the game within the F & W agency.

3. Give some teeth to compliance and oversight – abuse of the land by whatever party must STOP.

4. Headwaters and Fisheries must be a priority again: drinking water, flood prevention and tourism should be taken more seriously. Really.

5. Open public consultations – there is a wealth of genius out there and exchange of info will bring clarity to issues for all.

(Get rid of advisory committees: if the feral horse one is any indication, they are stellar examples of ineptitude and incompetence, never mind unacceptably secretive).

6. Single portfolio ministry – raising standards handling the Alberta landscape is a gigantic task, who has time to handle Status of Women as well?

We need to STOP seeing our wildlife and ecosystems as overburden and see them as precious resources of which we hold stewardship.
Don’t you agree?

Inquisitive Wildies in logged area by Duane Starr Photography
Thank you to all who contributed suggestions by email or snail mail.

Dr. Judith Samson-French

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