The Big Picture

What is the “Big Picture” on this project?

Contraceptive implants to suppress reproduction in feral and semi-feral female dogs are a first in the WORLD. If it works here on our First Nations Reserves dogs, it will work everywhere in the world, especially in developing countries where access to veterinary hospitals for spay and neuter programs are not accessible.


In 2010, Dr Samson-French tried to replicate this project with street dogs in Mexico and had laid all the ground work, but Mexican customs officers refused entry clearance for the contraceptive implants. In 2013, a coalition was formed with Animal Aid Curacao to help deal with the street dogs and cats of this Caribbean island.

Where to from here?

The continuation of this pilot project is well under way. The people of First Nations of Tsuu T’ina, Eden Valley, and Siksika have been tremendously supportive in allowing us onto their land to progress with this project and have been most helpful in keeping up with the project. Much credit is due to them for their great participation.


1000 lbs of dog kibble ready for delivery to rez dogs. 60,000 lbs of dog food has been distributed to dogs in the program.


A Journey of Compassion, Purpose and Hope.

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