Do You Know the 3 Basic Questions?

When working with communities in need of a dog population management program,  there is unfortunately not a standard protocol to alleviate the problem.

The goal is to formulate a sustainable plan that a community can take ownership of. Answering the following 3 questions (as to why there is a perception of too many dogs) will be the starting point (besides basic demographic info):

1. What is the influx of dogs in the community, ie how many dogs are brought from outside and why (if there are already too many in the community)?

2. How much breeding goes on, ie how many females go into heat, and is the nuisance factor more about unwanted unsocialized pups and/or about males getting aggressive and packing while females are in heat?

3. Is there abandonment of dogs and why?

Answering those questions will prevent repeating mistakes of the past and help gauge if a community is strongly engaged in making sustainable changes.

Dr. Judith Samson-French


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