Dr. Judith Samson-French was invited to Curacao, a Caribbean Island, to evaluate if Dogs With No Names project could be implanted for the street dogs of the island. The answer is an overwhelming yes for several reasons:


  1. There is incredible leadership on the island toward given dogs and cats a second chance. CARF, the original rescue group, the local animal shelter and other groups have accomplished so much with so little. Very energizing to see the will power to enhance the lives of street animals.
  2. The veterinary community on the island has already been working hard to address the problem of overpopulation of unwanted pets. It is particularly challenging considering all the diseases affecting pets in tropical countries, from ectoparasites (fleas, ticks, lice) to endoparasites (intestinal worms and heart worms), and systemic diseases (erhlichia, parvovirus, distemper).
  3. This island, as others in the Caribbean Sea, understands that the sight of ill and poor-doing street animals is diminishing their appeal as a tourist destination.

It is our hope that with sufficient funding, a DWNN pilot project (rather a Street Dogs With No Names) can be initiated in Curacao and used as a blue print for other islands.

A Journey of Compassion, Purpose and Hope.

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