Contraception in Wild Horses

Contraception in Wild Horses

In March 2014, Dr. JSF was invited to present to the Feral Horse Advisory Committee (Alberta) the contraception option for Wild Horses population management in Alberta.

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The best option to date is the one developed by Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick of the The Science and Conservation Center in Montana, USA using the PZP (Porcine Zona Pellucida) immunovaccine. It has been used and researched for over 25 years.1798388_544762472287056_1828828006_n

ESRD, The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Resources Development, has since approved the contraception pilot project as formulated by Dr. JSF for a 5 year trial.

Unfortunately, WHOAS (Wild Horses of Alberta) has overtaken the leadership of the contraception project. We wish the Wildies best of luck.


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